When was the last time when you have been heard...I mean really heard...without being judged? Empathic listening and developing a meaningful relationship with our male clients are the essential aspects of counselling. Therapy is based on trust. Here at Balanced for Life, we believe that depression, anxiety, identity struggle or even addiction and pornography share the single denominator which are your personal coping strategies that might have worked at one point in the time, or provided you with the short-term benefits but came with a long-term adjustment cost. Yes... you heard me are not broken, you are not a loser, you are not damaged or any other label that others - or your brain for that matter - tell you. You are just stuck. Stuck like many of us are at present, or have been. Counselling at Balanced for Life is about revisiting your values, learning the skills to accept things that you cannot control and be your support in taking action toward improving your life.   

12/10-12 Old Castle Hill Rd,

Castle Hill, NSW, 2154


287 George St, 

Windsor, NSW, 2756


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