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Are you going overhead? Watch that shoulder!

We all know that repetitive overhead arm movements like cleaning or lifting may cause shoulder pain.

Yet, over time, many people adapt to the symptoms of a shoulder injury until it is too late!

However, you can quickly and easy assess whether you have a shoulder injury by looking at these common symptoms:

  • Recurring pain in the shoulder

  • Arm and hand weakness

  • Limited range of motion

  • Stiffness in the shoulder

  • Sensations of painful popping or clicking in the shoulder joint

These symptoms can indicate some of the most common injuries:

  • Rotator cuff muscle:

These muscles can stretch or tear, which will cause pain. The rotator cuff is made up of tendons and muscles on the shoulder. A rotator cuff injury can lead to no longer being able to reach overhead to the extent that you could before the injury.

  • Impingement:

Impingement is when the shoulder tendons rub against the bone and cause inflammation. This occurs from excessive and repetitive overhead movements.

  • Neck pain:

Yes! Pain in your neck can actually be related to shoulder pain. The neck’s range of motion can be limited by the pain, just like the shoulder’s range of motion.

Do you have one or two ticks from the just mentioned list?

Well, chiropractic care for shoulder pain is well tested and researched method in treating it. But as you already know, here at Balanced for Life, we love to spice things up. Plus, providing the multi-approach to treating any area will not only speed up recovery but create a treatment that works best for you.

So, here is our secret recipe for your shoulder recovery:

  • Adjustments. Your chiropractor can gently and safely adjust the shoulder. Adjusting the neck and upper back can also help. This chiropractic treatment will reduce pain, inflammation, and muscle spasms. Work on the shoulder muscles can be loosened with this treatment. Tightness and stiffness can go away, and the range of motion can be restored.

  • Corrected posture. Often when people work at a desk all day, they develop a poor posture that puts pressure on their joints and muscles. Not surprisingly, shoulder pain can originate from poor posture. Your chiropractor can show you a correct posture that keeps your shoulders from rolling forward and causing impingement or stiffness (Pro tip: for correct posture, your ears need to align directly over your shoulders). This technique can alleviate shoulder pain over time.

  • Medical laser. MLS laser uses light waves to help increase blood flow and cell regeneration to injured tissues. Our laser used on the shoulders will help reduce inflammation and pain to the rotator cuff tendons and speed up recovery.

  • Exercises. Specific exercises can strengthen and rehabilitate shoulder muscles for flexibility. Strengthening the muscles that support the shoulder will help keep the joint stable. Keeping these muscles strong can relieve shoulder pain and prevent further injury.

  • And flexibility. Stretching the muscles are important for restoring range of motion and preventing injury. Gently stretching after strengthening exercises can help reduce muscle soreness and keep the muscles long and flexible.

As you see, when we treat shoulder pain here at Balanced for Life, we like to have a few things in mind. Some of these things are quite passive for you (i.e. adjustment and medical laser); others will require you to take an active part. I know, I know no one likes it. But, remember, part of the initial problem is created by the ‘adaptation’ and ignoring the problem in the first place.

So, join us on the ride because we know that moving better matters, and your shoulder is an important part of it.


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