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Get Rid of That Pesky Blind Spot.

As I was writing the title of this post, it autocorrected to Blonde.

"Get rid of that Pesky Blonde".

Now why would you want to do that (in reference to me)? I'd like to think that as a chiropractor I provide good value. Not only can I get you moving better with adjustments, laser and muscle work, but I love giving you extra exercises and stretches that will help you not only recover, but stay better and move better. Now that is great value!

But what does this have to do with blind spots. Well, not much to be frank. But I will tell you that those blind spots and difficulty turning your head, may have nothing to do with the neck itself!

If you would like to know what could cause that *system error, then click the video below to find out. And if you want help with that system error, you know who to call.


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