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How to get back into exercise after having a baby!

When it comes to the postpartum period, sadly, there is no standard of care or rehab for women in their first year postpartum.

This can be an overwhelming time for new mums while they juggle the demands of motherhood while learning how to live in their postpartum bodies. So often the focus is now placed on the baby and mums simply ignore their weak pelvic floors and cores, and the niggles in the body.

Women often think of seeing a chiropractor for their pain during pregnancy, but not their pain postpartum.

This is the reason we’ve decided to bring the BIRTHFIT Basics: Postpartum Series to Balanced for Life.

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What is the BIRTHFIT Basics: Postpartum Series? It is a five-week course that is fully devoted to reconnecting to your breath and basic movement patterns.

This course is designed to give postpartum women the foundations of the core and pelvic floor before they start any other form of training like running, HIIT, Crossfit, etc.

Whether they’ve had a vaginal or cesarean birth, women can start this course as early as four weeks postpartum.

The BIRTHFIT basics are all bodyweight movements with the priority being the quality and intentionality of movement and being present in the body. The BIRTHFIT Basics movements bring awareness to breath and create deep core stability via our internal pressure system, coordinating muscles and connective tissue.

Deep core stability exercises such as the BIRTHFIT Basics can help in approximating abdominal wall separation, Diastasis Rectus Abdominis (DRA), and addressing other core and pelvic floor dysfunctions as well as improving the quality of life for the newly postpartum mother.

One study (1) on women ages 23-33 with DRA revealed that the group that did deep core stability work (abdominal bracing, diaphragm breathing, pelvic floor contraction, plank, isometric holds) three times a week for eight weeks showed significant improvement as compared the control group that did traditional abdominal exercises (abdominal contractions, reverse sit-ups, trunk twists, posterior pelvic tilts).

Here at Balanced for Life, it only makes sense for the BIRTHFIT Basics to be the foundational movements in early postpartum.

So if you are a postpartum mother, come and embrace an intentional rehab approach after giving birth with the BIRTHFIT Basics: Postpartum Series.



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