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Calmbirth with Kat Aquilina

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Hi I’m Kat! I am a mother of three wonderful children, a midwife, and a childbirth and parenthood educator.

I have been a Registered Midwife since 2015 and have been facilitating childbirth education classes since 2017. Perinatal education is where my passion lies and I truly believe that with Knowledge comes Confidence! My passion for education has led me to the Calmbirth Childbirth Education Program and I am so glad it did! Calmbirth is an amazing, mindful, oxytocin inducing program!


My goal as a Midwife and Calmbirth educator is to empower women and their partners, promote wellness, create new understandings, and increase confidence, so that women may experience a positive, calm and joyful birth, however they give birth.

I offer Calmbirth courses monthly in my home studio located in Oakville, just 25 minutes from Castle Hill and 10 minutes from Windsor. The courses run over a full weekend where pregnant women and their support person will learn about:

* The mind body connection and its role in labour and birth.

* The physiology of labour and birth and how incredible our bodies are.

* Techniques to work with the labour and birth to make it a positive experience, however you give birth!

* How to prepare for other birth journey’s including medical intervention and caesarean section births.

* Preparing for the postpartum period.

* and Breastfeeding.

If you would like to talk more about Calmbirth you can contact me directly,

Phone: 0425 613 585



To find out more about Calmbirth and my upcoming classes you can visit my profile at:

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