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Dr Lindy Kuburic (chiro)

Castle Hill and Windsor


At the age of 7, when many of her friends still wanted to be firefighters or policemen and women, Dr Lindy Kuburic decided she wanted to be a chiropractor. Her reason was so that she could help people naturally. Lindy understood at a young age that health is essential for a balanced life and has kept that mantra and philosophy through all her years of study and work life.


After practising in Windsor, NSW, as a locum and then associate for 18 months, Dr Lindy made her way to an integrated health centre in Moorebank, NSW. It was during those 5 years, laying her hands on thousands of baby, child, adult and retired spines, that she really began to understand the positive impact chiropractic has on peoples lives.  It is all about neurology, the clever nervous system which allows the body to heal, regain movement, reduce pain and function as normal. This is what she loves doing, and this is her life's passion.


If she isn't helping patients in her office, Lindy can be found at her local gym, hiking in the great outdoors, camping, playing ultimate frisbee, tinkering on her piano or brewing her homemade kombucha, (a healthy fermented tea drink).


Lindy has since lived in Canada and returned to her homeland to open her own practice in the Hills area of Sydney where she grew up. She is excited to be able to help those around her.


Pavle Kuburic,

B.Arts (psych) hons, M. Couns.

Castle Hill


Pavle is a counsellor who specialises in helping male clients in challenging times when anxiety and depression threaten to hinder client’s identity and self-image. Pavle believes that human relationships with others, and self, are the building blocks of fulfilled living. Sadly, challenges such as shame, pornography addiction, relational and behavioural challenges are some of the important issues that he encountered and successfully dealt with in facilitating the client’s recovery. In his work, Pavle draws on a variety of evidence-based therapies depending on individual needs, such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Interpersonal Therapy. Pavle’s therapeutic approach is based on a relationship of collaboration, humour, trust, honesty and draws on individual strengths.   


Pavle lives in the Hills of Sydney where he likes to explore the hikes of Sydney with his wife. His other interests are ultimate frisbee, body surfing, board games and gardening.


Pavle Kuburic successfully completed a Bachelor degree in psychology and Honours in psychology from the University of British Columbia, Canada, and received a masters degree in counselling from the University of Notre Dame, Sydney.  

Dr Sahil Lutchman (chiro)


Sahil is a compassionate Chiropractor who has graduated with a Masters of Chiropractic Science from Macquarie University. His passion for Chiropractic Science stems from his interest and active involvement in various sports, including soccer, tennis, and cricket.


After graduating from Macquarie University, Sahil was one of a small group of Australian Chiropractic professionals selected to volunteer with the Hands on India Program in Siliguri, West Bengal, India where they treated hundreds of patients, from young children to elderly individuals, in need of musculoskeletal healthcare. During this time, He was exposed to many rare and complex biomechanical cases and helped them improve physically and functionally.


Sahil incorporates his assessments and treatments with strong evidence-based approaches, using a variety of techniques to provide safe, consistent and effective care to all his patients.  His knowledge of biomechanics and preventative methods has allowed him to treat musculoskeletal conditions, postural imbalances and injuries with a combination of chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue treatments and rehab plan to optimise patient outcomes and get them moving better.

12/10-12 Old Castle Hill Rd,

Castle Hill, NSW, 2154


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