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Dr Robert Kokolich B.Sc. M.Chiro. 


Dr Robert has been in Chiropractic practice for the past 30 years. He first served patients in Engadine and Liverpool and then established his successful multidisciplinary practice in St Mary's. 
After a while, he joined his wife, Dr Vesna Kokolich (Dentist), in Windsor, where they had a busy family multidisciplinary practice for 15 years. Robert recently returned to that practice and joined the Balanced for Life team.

Over the years, Robert has trained with some of the best Chiropractors in Australia and around the globe and is happy to share his knowledge with his patients and colleagues. He is also very proud that his younger sister Dr Lindy Kuburic has followed in his footsteps and is now a successful chiropractor in her own right.

Besides Chiropractic, Robert has many other passions. He has been involved in teaching music as a piano teacher, mixed choir and men's choir leader and has encouraged many young and older musicians to share their talents. He particularly enjoys playing piano, jazz and gospel style.
He also enjoys cooking all different types of cuisines and loves to share that with others.
Fishing, catching fish and then cooking and eating them would be his happy place.
Robert has always been interested in property, renovations and new builds, where he often works with the whole team in landscaping or any other labour-intensive jobs.

Robert is most proud of his own little family. His wife, Dr Vesna, business partner and the brains in the family, and his three boys Matthew, the eldest son, is a brilliant jazz saxophonist and a software engineer. David, the youngest son, is also a great trumpet player, soccer nut, and now a Cadet at Optus.
Oliver, his "favourite" son (Cavoodle)… is loved by all!

Robert is passionate about many other things, but he is incredibly thankful to his patients for teaching him about life and everything else.


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