Pavle Kuburic B.Arts (psych) hons, M. Couns.

Castle Hill

Pavle Kuburic

Pavle is a counsellor who specialises in helping male clients in challenging times when anxiety and depression threaten to hinder the client’s identity and self-image. Pavle believes that human relationships with others, and self, are the building blocks of fulfilled living. Sadly, challenges such as shame, pornography addiction, and relational and behavioural challenges are some of the important issues that he encountered and successfully dealt with in facilitating the client’s recovery. In his work, Pavle draws on various evidence-based therapies depending on individual needs, such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Interpersonal Therapy. Pavle’s therapeutic approach is based on a relationship of collaboration, humour, trust, honesty and draws on individual strengths.   


Pavle lives in the Hills of Sydney, where he likes to explore the hikes of Sydney with his wife. His other interests are ultimate frisbee, body surfing, board games and gardening.


Pavle Kuburic completed a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Honours in Psychology from the University of British Columbia, Canada, and received a master's degree in counselling from Notre Dame, Sydney.