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Star Wars? We have the force, the light sabre's or we call it... MLS Laser.

What does Balanced for Life and Start wars have in common? No we don't have amazing space ships, but we do have the incredible and latest technology that is MLS Laser, Class 4 Cold therapy laser!

The last three weeks have been exciting here at Balanced for Life – Castle Hill location. Our busy clinic became even busier - a real beehive of activity - revolving around chiropractic treatments and the newly introduced MLS laser therapy. On behalf of Balanced for Life, we want to say again thank you for your response to our MLS laser therapy, your dedication to the treatment sessions, and your honest feedback. We were pleasantly surprised that MLS laser therapy sparked the interest of a bit over twenty clients.

Also, here at Balanced for Life, we told you that MLS laser therapy - due to its healing and tissue repair effects - is an excellent choice of treatment in reducing pain and inflammation, and increases the range of motion in injured areas. And here is what YOU told us about MLS laser therapy: you told us that MLS laser therapy was hugely successful in reducing tissue swelling after the first treatment (M = 1.25), pain reduction was observed after second treatment (M = 2). Finally, you told us that us that MLS laser therapy was successful in increasing the range of motion in the problematic area after the third session (M = 3.17). This is encouraging and meaningful information for us.

Yet, here at Balanced for Life, we are striving for even better results, and to achieve it we recommend that MLS laser therapy is used alongside chiropractic treatment. We found that MLS laser therapy is excellent for a) initial injuries, especially for inflammation such as muscle tears, tendonitis, arthritis, sprained ankles, post-surgery tissue repair etc., were getting hands on is difficult and painful, and b) in chronic injuries where the cycle of inflammation is perpetuating. However, chiropractic treatment was essential in restoring movement affecting the nervous tissue and administering rehabilitative procedures. Hence for best result, we would suggest seeking combined treatment for those types of injuries.

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