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Look great whilst scrolling insta 📷

Cat videos and beach selfies are entertaining, but sitting on your social media all day long can have some serious and harmful health implications.

I can see you, rolling your eyes... "Come on Lindy, do not be so dramatic!", however I will not go into all the detail about how posture effects musculoskeletal, neurological, mental health and mood implications, reduced organ function such as respiration, and a whole horde of other reduced body functions that you probably never considered.

If I may say, (since we are talking about insta) poor posture is not aesthetically pleasing. One study* took two photos of the same person with great, and poor posture. Placed these photos in a big pile and asked participants to comment on how old they look. On average the poor posture vs good posture ended up being 10 years apart. Imagine looking 10 years younger? I mean you can look better on all those insta selfies 😉

It may not always be easy to have great posture, but at least whilst you are scrolling on your device you can do it with my simple hack.

Go on. Watch it. It won't hurt!

*I cannot remember the exact study. But you can take my word for it.


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