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MLS Medical Laser

What is Medical Laser Therapy?

MLS medical laser therapy is a cold laser treatment modality that focuses on using light energy to alleviate pain and inflammation. This non-invasive treatment capitalises on delivering light energy to damaged cells, increasing their activity. This increased cell activity helps and speeds up ligament, muscle, tendon and general tissue recovery.



What is cold laser therapy?


MLS medical laser is a class 4 cold laser because it uses infrared light to painlessly penetrate up to 5 cm into a tissue to reach and stimulate damaged cells. This type of treatment causes a reduction in pain, swelling, and inflammation - often referred to as regenerative medicine. Unlike non-steroidal cortisone injection and anti-inflammation pills, which deal exclusively with inflammation only, MLS medical laser treatment deals with the cause of inflammation by stimulating the body's regeneration at the cellular level.


Are there any advantages of medical laser therapy over other forms of treatment?


Yes, they are. MLS medical laser has no known side effects and is quick and painless. Also, MLS medical laser therapy can reduce the use of drugs, and in many cases, it could prevent surgeries.


Can MLS medical laser therapy be used with other treatments?


Definitely! Sometimes, MLS laser treatments are even more effective if combined with other treatments. In fact, here at Balanced for Life, we suggest using MLS medical laser therapy in conjunction with chiropractic treatments so that your structural and nervous systems are equally well stimulated as your cells.


But I would like to know more about MLS medical laser?


That is ok; we did too. MLS is an abbreviation for the Multi-wave Locked System. This is a class IV state-of-the-art medical laser, the only laser that uses dual wavelengths (808nm - pulsed emission for inflammation treatment and 905nm - continuous emission for rapid pain reduction) simultaneously. As the additional benefits of simultaneously operating on these two wavelengths, MLS medical laser therapy stimulates lymphatic and blood circulation in the targeted area.


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Why did Balanced for Life choose MLS medical laser in particular?


Other medical lasers can reduce inflammation and Stimlate cellular regeneration . MLS is the FDA-approved medical laser that offers the best of both worlds. It synchronises two wavelengths (808nm and 905nm) to go above and beyond traditional laser therapy. This dual-action enhances the therapeutic effects of the MLS medical laser and reduces treatment and recovery time.


What to expect during the MLS medical laser treatment?

There are a lot of wonderful things happening at the cellular level. However, there is minimal or no sensation on the 'surface'. MLS medical laser therapy is a painless treatment. Although some patients reported relaxing or warm sensations, generally, most clients do not feel the MLS medical laser application.


What to expect after the MLS medical laser treatment?


Due to the unique synchronisation of the two wavelengths (808nm and 905nm), the beneficial effects of MLS medical laser are usually felt in the first three treatments. It is essential to know that MLS medical laser treatment effects are cumulative; therefore, expect to notice improvements as you continue with your treatment plan.


How many treatments will I need, and how often?


Acute conditions generally subside within 6 to 8 treatments. Whereas chronic conditions (injuries older than three months) usually require an average of 6 to 12 treatments. The exception to this general rule is in the case of skin wounds, where MLS medical laser therapy should be applied until the wound is completely healed.

As for how often MLS medical laser treatment is to be performed, due to the cumulative nature of MLS medical laser therapy, Dr Lindy suggests 2 to 3 treatments per week until the issue has been resolved, followed by the occasional maintenance treatment.


Is it safe to use MLS medical laser therapy over medical implants?


Absolutely! MLS medical laser therapy is not a heat-based but a light-based therapy. Hence, there is no heating of any medical/metal implants. If you have any such metal or implant, MLS medical laser therapy is a safe treatment for you. If anything, MLS medical laser is a highly effective treatment for postoperative wound healing.


Is MLS medical laser treatment right for me?


Why not call our office and request a consultation. One of our experienced chiropractors will be happy to assess your condition and determine whether MLS medical laser therapy will benefit you.


Extensive studies on MLS medical laser therapy found the following benefits:


  • Powerful anti oedema (anti-inflammation) effect.

  • Non-surgical therapy.

  • Fast pain relief (an excellent way to avoid addictive prescription painkillers)  

  • No known side effects

  • Accelerated recovery of the injured region

  • Quickens the bone healing

  • Excellent solution for sprains and strains

  • Prompt increase in local blood circulation

  • Rapid repair of superficial injuries (ulcers, wounds, postoperative healing) and reduction of scarring tissue.

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