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Why Does Dr. Lindy Love MLS Medical Laser?

Whether you are a long-standing patient or a newly injured (believer that moving better matters), you would have met Dr Lindy. As a result, you know that she likes to do things differently, and her ability to innovate is inevitably seen in many aspects of her treatments particularly laser-assisted-chiropractic treatments. If you are reading this newsletter, chances are that you have seen Dr Lindy at work, but not many of you had a chance to talk to her about her work, why is she doing what she is doing and other things, for example: did she always want to be a chiro? So, here is a short interview with Dr Lindy and we hope it will shed more light on her work and personality. I hope you like it.

Police officer, Firefighter or Astronaut…? Did they ever stand a chance for a career path as opposed to being a chiropractor? Well there were times as I was growing up that I wanted to be an astronaut, but at the age of 6 (I said to myself, it is time to settle for the best ;) I said I wanted to be a chiropractor. My parents laughed and thought that I just want to be like my older brother. But I stuck to my decision - I wanted to be a superhero and to help people feel good just like I felt good after I saw the chiropractor. Now I am one of them and I love it. Was there a time when you wanted to stop doing what you do and switch your career path? Admittedly YES!!! At times in my career, with the pressures of the medical world, and sometimes not being taken seriously as a practitioner had made me want to change careers. Also having the tools to help people but being limited by the fact that they would often seek the advice of an allopathic practitioner who would offer surgery or even cortisone as the first line of defence when in most cases, all the injury needed was rehabilitation and of course a chiropractic adjustment. What are the changes that you see in your work with your patients? Well, there are many different changes - for the better that I see in working with my patients, but the most important one for me is the change in their attitude. Yes, for real. I often see people when they are at wit's end, in pain, and often at the end of their string. You should see me with a headache- I’m unbearable (I can see Pavle nodding ;) But jokes aside, the things I see are not just things like pain improvement, movement improvement, but the big things, like: “I can now hold my daughter without pain or fear that I will be sore the next day” or “I don’t have to take 6 painkillers for my headaches to get through the day, in fact, I don’t need any pain killers at all”. These types of changes are what motivate me to do what I do. A patient once told you that the MLS laser that you have is a bit Gimmicky for them? You know what, if some people see it that way, I am ok with that. Without trying the laser, MLS medical laser certainly can look that way: you sit or lay on a bed with a big green glasses on, you look at the area on your body basking in the red light (which is the guiding marker for the invisible laser light) and after 10 to 15 min the treatment is done! Patients often encounter something often much more painful in their treatments with a hands-on approach. Even for me as a therapist, this was a mind shift. As a therapist, we are used to “feeling” through muscle, bone and tissue, and if you don’t feel anything as a patient it feels like nothing is happening. But this ‘feeling of nothing is happening’ is short-lived because after only a few treatments (for some people even after the first treatment) patients feel a reduction in pain and swelling. And when you see that change, especially in severe cases, that person will tell it that it is definitely not a gimmick. Was it hard to integrate laser in your way of thinking/treating/addressing the issues? Yes, it was hard to introduce - because (I think) I am a pretty decent chiropractor, but with experience comes routine. So, having the new treatment available meant that I have to be mindful of how to optimise each and every treatment for my existing and new patients. It seems minor, but when you have been doing things one particular way for many years, even this small change can be tough. Additionally, some existing clients who had only seen me without the support from MLS medical laser struggled to accept this therapy (the unknown). I felt for them it was almost like having to see a different practitioner when your Dr Favourite is unavailable. But with time our patients came to experience the benefits of MLS medical laser so now, we have two Dr Favourites in our clinic. Joke's aside, I think that our patient satisfaction was what has made it so easy to keep recommending laser therapy particularly now when we found an optimal way of mixing MLS medical laser with chiropractic in order to reach our patients’ goals. Do you have an example of how laser helped a patient of yours? Of course, one beautiful woman will recognise herself in this example but rest assured your details are safe with us. Namely, one autumn afternoon for the first time I meet Sarah (not her real name). Sarah is a highly motivated professional in her high paced industry. And like many business-oriented people, Sarah was ignoring the subtle signals that her neck and head was giving her. For as long as she can remember she had always had headaches. So when I saw Sarah her headaches had dramatically increased to the point of having to take pain-relieving medications daily, being unable to focus and at one point, some nerve-tingling down her arm. I can only imagine how hard would it be to function day in and day out, running around trying to perform at your best, talk to clients and work on the projects all whilst fighting the substantial discomfort. As you know, our bodies can learn to live with a lot of pain but I am happy that Sarah decided to do something about her neck pain - because things like that do not go away. After a series of treatments, we have the headaches under control. What else do you do to manage your patients towards getting better? Here at Balanced for Life we also found that giving and having our clients sticking to their exercise routine (exercises that I give them as the part of personalised treatment plan) they would a) recover faster, b) be longer without pain and have to see us less, c) where there is one good habit there is usually 2 or 3 more - so why not start with your exercise routine. Also, as practitioner, I do want to point out that there are some cases where more than exercises is needed so follow your discretion and if pain persists let us know there are many different ways that we can help you. If someone wants to see the light... medical laser that is! ;) how should they go about it? Well there are a few ways to see the light! ;) But focusing on medical laser the best way is to give us a call or send us an email with your enquiry. We are happy to answer your questions, find the answer if we are unsure, and if you really want to know much more just ask Pavle about MLS medical laser but do it at your own risk! ;)

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