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Rid Yourself of Back Pain at Our Chiro in Castle Hill


Lower back pain is an increasingly common side effect of our modern lifestyles. Many of our habits promote poor posture like sitting at a desk all day or long hours of driving, wearing heavy toolbelts or carrying your child on one hip. The good news is there’s a solution. With qualified chiropractic treatments you can re-align your back and improve your overall posture. Balanced for Life is the clinic of experienced chiropractor Dr Lindy Kuburic, who has over 10 years’ experience treating a wide variety of pain and discomfort. We see patients for treatment of back pain, sciatica, disc bulge, neck pain and headaches. We cater to all ages and life stages from children to seniors and pregnant women. Dr Lindy has a special interest in structural rehabilitation, sports injuries, family and pregnancy care. Get in touch with our Castle Hill clinic on (02) 8810 2243 for more information on any of our chiropractic services

We’ll Take Care of Your Needs from Knee Pain to Shoulder Pain


There are many possible triggers for knee pain and shoulder pain, which is why you shouldn’t attempt to diagnose it yourself. Chiropractors are licensed primary healthcare professionals which means you won’t require a referral to make an appointment. We can assist with both diagnosis and treatment for our patients in cases of sports injuries, lifestyle factors or rehabilitation.

Shoulder pain and knee pain are particularly common in sporting injuries as we use these joints frequently during exercise. Dr Lindy is very experienced in handling sports injuries and our treatments provide a drug-free method of pain relief. With continued appointments we can also potentially prevent an injury from reoccurring.

At our Castle Hill clinic, you could see Dr Lindy for chiropractic treatments, try MLS medical laser treatments, counselling or be fitted for custom-made orthotics. MLS lasers are a newer form of treatment which is particularly effective at relieving pain, inflammation and arthritis symptoms. It works best when used in conjunction with other treatment methods, such as chiropractic appointments.

Make an Appointment in Castle Hill

Whether you’re struggling with back pain, knee pain or shoulder pain; our chiropractor, Dr Lindy, is here to help. We’re passionate about providing caring, effective treatment to all patients who visit our clinic in Castle Hill. If you’d like to make an appointment call us on (02) 8810 2243 or use the online booking form.

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