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Light therapy and Body Glue: MLS Medical Laser for Tendonitis

Tendonitis and MLS laser light therapy

Tendons are a natural super glue in our body that connects muscle to the bone. There are approximately 1,320 tendons all over your shoulder, arms, hip, legs, hands, feet, head, neck and torso. If you move, you’re surely using them! Good news is that our tendons are flexible and tough, and they can withstand the majority of crazy things which we do to our bodies. However, sudden movement, wear and tear, or sports and other types of injuries can strain or tear the tendon fibres. When that happens, the part of your body associated with the damaged tendon is often inflamed, painful and tender - a ‘subtle’ way of your body telling you to knock it off! Yet, if you are like the most, you will try to shake it off hoping that a little icing will do. But time is not on your side. Tendons generally take weeks to heal properly, as well as becoming less flexible with age. However, with proper care you can prevent tendonitis - inflammation of a tendon, or if it happens substantially reduce the time needed for a tendon to recover. Valuable tools are stretching, avoiding repetitive movement and warming up but there is another tool at your disposal - light! Yes, a new wave of pain and inflammation management comes through medical laser treatment. The treatment that we recommend here at Balanced for Life is painless, non-invasive and safe. Multiwave Locked System (MLS) laser therapy is provided by a class IV medical laser which is one of its kind in combining two wavelengths in one treatment (808 nm and 905 nm) 1. This multiway system not just simultaneously provides treatment for pain (905nm) and inflammation (808 nm), but it reduces tissue recovery time and offers more customised treatments than traditional medical lasers 2. Last but not least, MLS medical laser operates well under the threshold of thermal damage providing your cells with the most optimal temperature, of 43℃, for stimulating cell metabolism. This kind of gentle thermal stress favours tropism, homeostasis and cell differentiation in muscles and all other tissues with mechanical function (hint...hint…>>> your tendons). Thus, research shows that MLS substantially speeds up the recovery of damaged tissue 3, as such, this treatment may be a ray of hope that is going to bring you closer to your health goals. If you would like to know more about how MLS medical laser can help you and speed up your recovery, feel free to contact us here at Balanced for Life Castle Hill.


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