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Love Thyself.

It is the month of love.

Yes you will see tacky gifts, public displays of love, overpriced roses and booked out restaurants. But somehow we just can't get enough of valentines day, even though most of us cringe on the inside. But being in love is more than that.

To be a great partner or companion you need 3 things:

  1. To be there and to take care of the person

  2. To listen to them, openly and without judgement

  3. To be honest with them

Now what business has a chiropractor writing about relationships?

Nothing really.

However the relationship with your body is one of the longest lasting and important relationships you will ever have.

All too often I see the detriment of;

  1. Not looking after ones own body, physically, nutritionally, spiritually

  2. Not listening to your body and ignoring those little aches and pains

  3. Not being honest to your body and mind.

So what is your body telling you during this month of love?

What can you do to improve your body?

Do you need more hydration? Less sugar? More movement/exercise? Supplementation? Chiropractic care? Rehabilitation?

We’d love to help you get back in love with your body.

If you need help, you know where to find us. HERE.


...because moving better matters <3


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