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For many women, pregnancy is a time of pain and discomfort as their bodies carry a growing baby.


As many as three-quarters (1) of pregnant people suffer from lower back pain. We also see common pains such as rib cage pain, hip pain, and pubic symphysis pain.

Why should you refer a pregnant patient/client to a Balanced Birth chiropractor?


Pain is interfering with their activities of daily living during pregnancy. (1,2)


The baby is in a breeched or posterior position (3)


They have pelvic pain in the post -partum period. (4)


They have back pain when breast feeding.


The good news is that pain doesn’t have to be part of pregnancy. Our Balanced Birth chiropractors have extensive training in treating ailments that are specific to pregnant women. Improving the comfort of pregnant women is our goal, and we went to partner with other healthcare providers to help their patients experience a pain-free pregnancy as well.

We also know that the postpartum period is also a time of discomfort as the body is dealing with caring for a new infant (breastfeeding, lifting, carrying the baby) while also recovering from vaginal birth and possible C-section. We are here to listen, support and provide a plan to relieve the pain so that the postpartum mum can experience healing. 

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Common Pregnancy Pain 

Sciatica and Back Pain

Rib Cage Pain

Pubic Pain

Hip and Pelvic Pain

Heart Burn

Groin Pain

Wrist Pain

Common Post-Partum Pain


Midback Pain

Weak Core

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Rectus Diastasis

Shoulder Pain


Common Pain


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