Why refer a pregnant or
post-partum patient to a chiropractor?

At Balanced for Life, we live by the following principles.

1. Accountable, to our patient's goals and their referrers.

2. Safe and effective chiropractic care for the pregnant and post-partum person.

3. Prepared for supporting the pregnant and post-partum person. (1)

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Unfortunately, we know many pregnant people suffer from lower back pain (as many as three-quarters) (2). This doesn’t have to be the case. Our chiropractors have extensive training in treating the common the musculoskeletal pains of pregnancy such as low back pain, back pain, hand–wrist and hip pain (3).




We have noticed a gap in pregnancy and especially postpartum support. Our aim at Balanced for Life is to make every pregnant person feel supported with care, knowledge, and a network on which they can rely. 

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Scar Tissue Healing

Scar tissue that is not addressed appropriately can negatively influence breathing patterns, distribution of core stabilisation, and pelvic floor function. At Balanced for Life, we safely (4) treat post caesarean scars with the Class IV MLS medical laser. It reduces inflammation and the build-up of excess scar tissue. (5)
Click Here for more information about the MLS medical Laser.




At Balanced for Life, we pride ourselves in providing patient-centered care and education.

We also hold face-to-face monthly education seminars and we host an online Resource Centre in which we provide relevant information for our pregnant and postpartum people.

Lastly, we surround ourselves with like-minded people and can refer to others in our Pregnancy and Post-partum Support Network.

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