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Can your breathing affect your neck pain?

Avoiding Neck Pain During the Holidays

Before you blame your pillow for neck pain, consider your breathing habits. During the holidays, chronic stress can cause us to switch from diaphragm breathing – which involves taking deep breaths through your core – to shallow chest breathing. This shallow breathing activates accessory breathing muscles, which were designed for emergencies like being chased by an angry reindeer. Unfortunately, overusing these muscles can lead to neck pain, shoulder tension, and headaches.

If you're feeling tension building up in your body, take a five-minute break and focus on diaphragm breathing. However, if the discomfort persists, don't wait for the issue to escalate. Contact Balanced for Life chiropractors for assistance. Our team is available throughout December and January to ensure a pain-free transition into 2024.

Why are we sharing this with you? At Balanced for Life, we believe that moving better matters.


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