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Migraines Killing you?

Has your body been giving you signals that something needs to change? Is your body telling you it's time to stop burning the candle at both ends?

With the demands of work and sitting at a desk all day, raising a family, keeping on top of house chores, money matters and the never-ending to-do list, chronic stress is the norm. Unfortunately, this chronic stress is often a trigger of migraine pain.

Many migraine sufferers don't wake up one day with intense pain. When the body is in constant overdrive and rest is not made a priority, slowly, the body begins to break down.

It might be tight muscles and the occasional headache, but over time, it gets worse. Your sleep starts to suffer, you get dizziness and nausea, and then the debilitating migraines hit.

If you've been suffering from migraines, you might not even know where to begin to make a change. The good news is that our chiropractors can help.

Here at Balanced for Life, we employ a three-step approach for addressing your migraines.

First, we will take a thorough history to understand your migraines, lifestyle, stressors, and health goals. We know how frustrating it is to deal with migraines and the toll they can take on your life, so we are here to listen.

Next, we will do a physical examination. When we examine migraine sufferers, there often are joint restrictions in the upper cervical and mid thoracic spine, with tight muscles through the neck and shoulder blades. Also, due to the ongoing stress, many migraine sufferers exhibit poor breathing patterns and poor core stability. For many sufferers, understanding that there are physical roadblocks in their body can give them a clear direction and hope that their migraines can change.

After history taking and testing, we will develop a personalized treatment plan to help you reach your health goals. Our treatment plans are based on research, clinical guidelines and years of experience in this field. For migraine sufferers, chiropractic adjustments are recommended along with work to release neuromuscular tension and trigger points in the back, shoulders, and neck. At Balanced for Life, MLS medical laser has been able to help many migraine sufferers as well. This powerful treatment tool reduces tension and pain in the muscles and joints and increases oxygen and blood supply to the head and neck, which in turn helps to relieve migraine symptoms. And, of course, we will give exercises to help your body manage stress and to get stronger.

If your body has been giving you signals something needs to change, this is your sign to start making changes. It's time to feel great again!

And why am I sharing this with you? Because here at Balance for Life moving better matters!


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