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How can I feel better when working from home? 2 quick tips to move better.

Home offices are becoming more popular. Working from home without the correct setup can be quite bad for your posture. To avoid backaches and neck pain,  stretching exercises a few times a day will help. This is important because... moving better matters.

Working from home is a great excuse to add exercises to your daily routine. This will help keep you active, improve flexibility and prevent you from any aches or pains. For these stretching exercises, you will not need much equipment. 

  1. Head rolls

Looking at your computer the whole day can literally be a pain in the neck especially if it is not positioned properly. Long term use of this can lead to headaches and upper back pain. To do a neck roll start by tilting your head down or chin to your chest then your left ear to your left shoulder then looking up to the ceiling then right ear to your right shoulder then back to chin to chest. Move your head in an anticlockwise direction 5 times then clockwise direction. 

  1. Thoracic spine extension 

Sitting for long hours at a desk will encourage you to slouch forward. This will force your upper back to go in a flexed position. Opening the chest and extending the upper back will improve breathing and flexibility of the shoulders and neck. To help open up the chest, try this standing and join both your hands behind your lower back, remember to keep your elbows straight, now try to move your shoulders back to open the chest. Hold for 8 deep breaths. This will help stretch the chest muscles and help extension in the upper back. 

As well as doing these simple exercises, standing and moving from time to time will encourage more muscle activity, enhance blood flow and improve oxygenation to the brain. This is important because at Balanced for life we know moving better matters.


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